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Struggling to get organised in different areas of your life? Is your wardrobe one of those areas? The wardrobe worksheet provides eight tabs to help you get organised with your wardrobe and clothing items. Complete with a dashboard overview for a quick snapshot at what is in your wardrobe. 

The wardrobe worksheet is available in blue, pink and black, but please message me if your after a different colour. 
The worksheet is only available on GOOGLE SHEETS. You will need a Google account. Don’t have one? You can sign up for free. This means you can access the spreadsheet on any device that you can access the internet or Google sheets on, what a bonus!

The worksheet comes with eight tabs to help you get organised and have a good overview of what is in your wardrobe.

  • Dashboard
  • Lookbook / Moodboard
  • Inventory Master
  • Inventory Lists
  • Selling/Charity
  • Weekly Outfit Planning
  • Cleanse Checklist
  • Shopping List

The dashboard provides a snippet of the information from your various tabs, from a category count and chart for brands and colours, to an overview of what you are selling or giving away to charity and what’s in your wish list/ shopping list. 

The inventory master tab is where you input your main bulk of information, the items. Depending on what category or checkbox you tick, will then transfer the data to different tabs. Handy for not having to repeat typing. This means there are formulas and conditional formatting within the spreadsheet so be careful what you delete. 

There is a tab for selling/charity so you can have a good overview of what’s going out of your wardrobe, and also a shopping tab, so you save your wish list items, but also have a separate overview of what you are bringing into your wardrobe. Handy for those of you who want to reflect upon your purchases and the overall cost of your items within your wardrobe. 

A mood board tab is a space for you to save outfit inspiration, you can refer back to this for purchases and when using the outfit planning tab, where you can plan for the week in advance. 

This is digital product, so upon purchasing you will receive an with an attachment or a download option. The PDF provide instructions and a link to the actually spreadsheet. Once you have sage a copy you can really start to get organised with your wardrobe and your life, so you can start creating and living the life you want. 

Included within the spreadsheet is also a free handy cleanse checklist overview. 

Be sure to check out my YouTube video on this spreadsheet for a detailed overview so you can see what you will be receiving. Be sure to check the description for a discount. 

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You can contact me at, or you can find me in my socials for more information @lunamositycandles for instagram, @lunamosity on YouTube and @lunamosity_ on TikTok. 

Due to this being a digital product, no returns or refunds accepted. 

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Why I now offer digital products...

Getting organised and trying to simplify my life so I can live the life I want...

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