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Habits and Goals Spreadsheet | Google Sheets

Habits and Goals Spreadsheet | Google Sheets

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Struggling to get organised in different areas of your life and stick to habits and achieve your goals? The habit and goals worksheet helps you to reflect upon what sort of life you want to live, and who you want to be. After identifying this, you will be asked what goals will help you achieve this lifestyle. And of course no goal will be achievable without breaking them down into milestones and creating new habits to meet these milestones?

The habit and goals tracker will help to provide a little bit of direction in your life, so you can live the life you want.

The worksheet is available in blue, pink and black, but please message me if your after a different colour. 

The worksheet is only available on GOOGLE SHEETS. You will need a Google account. Don’t have one? You can sign up for free. This means you can access the spreadsheet on any device that you can access the internet or Google sheets on, what a bonus!


H A B I T S  &  G O A L S  S P R E A D S H E E T  D E T I A LS

- 8 Tabs consisting  of - Who I want to be, Habit scoring, Goals & Plans, Goals Tracker, New Habits, Stacking, Habit Tracker, Daily View.

Each tab has a little bit of context of how to use. (Feel free to delete these rows or columns after reading. 

Who I want to be has a section for a mood board, to help with your reflection.

Evaluate your current habits with the Habit scoring tab - are your current habits encouraging you to live the life you want and be the person you want to be?

The Goals and plans tab has sections for a maximum of four goals, which you will provide a SMART overview with how you will achieve your goal.

The Goals tracker tab is where you will fill in your milestone, how are you actually going to achieve your goal? Let's break it down into bite sized chunks. Tick the checkbox when you have completed your milestone and watch your progress bar rise.

New habits tab - now you have your wanted lifestyle in mind, and your goals and milestone to support this, let's add in habits that will help your achieve your milestones. This is broken down into a Morning, Evening, Weekly and Monthly overview. Think about the cue and reward to help you stick with your new habits.

Stacking - Now you have your new habits, think about how you will stack these habits for success!

The Habit tracker - of course we need to track these habits! High the grey cells in the colour of your choice, to identify the days you will complete each habit. When you have completed the habit, put a 'X' into the cell and watch your habit count grow.  There's also a section at the bottom if you want to track and challenge.

The Daily overview - fill in your sleep and working hours, to really evaluate the time you have to complete these habits. Don't overstretch yourself.  

This is digital product, so upon purchasing you will receive an with an attachment or a download option. The PDF provide instructions and a link to the actual spreadsheet. Once you have saved a copy you can really start to get organised with your goals and start your healthy habits, so you can start creating and living the life you want. 

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You can contact me at, or you can find me in my socials for more information @lunamositycandles for instagram, @lunamosity on YouTube and @lunamosity_ on TikTok. 

Due to this being a digital product, no returns or refunds accepted. 


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