Lunamosity Candles Buying Guides

My candle and wax melt buying guides provide you with details to help you choose the right candles or wax melts for you, whether that's through L.C or another small business.
There are different types ox wax used in candles and wax melts. Below I provide a few variety's and back information, to help you choose what wax you want in your candles and wax melts.
SOY WAX (This is the wax I currently use in my candles and wax melts)
There are certain "green" advantages to this wax. The wax burns slower, meaning your candles last longer and depending on the type used, can hold fragrance extremely well, meaning you get a beautiful fragrance throw. All candles will emit some soot when burning, however soy wax emits less, when your wick is also trimmed to the right level before burning.
This wax is a hydrocarbon, deriving from petroleum, starting as a crude oil.
This is one of the easiest waxes to uses in candles and tends to be a cheaper option. Candles tend to burn quicker.
Has the highest melting point and burns for longer, but can be the most expensive to use. This wax will also emit less soot and is one of the oldest forms of wax used for candles.
Has a naturally sweet aroma and releases negative eons.
A very good option for candle making, releasing little to not soot (if the candle is cared for properly).
Sustainable and provides a good burn time and scent throw.
There are so many different types of candles out there, pillar, tealight, container, taper and votive. Whats right for you?
Personally, I would go a type based on the surroundings I intend to put the candle in.
If it's a dining room table, I would opt for Taper, votive and tealight, helping to create a beautiful tablescape. 
If it's the bathroom and bedroom, I tend to go for a container, votive or tealight candle. 
You can really up your interior with a candle, from pretty containers and labels, to quirky pillar candles with different shapes (I have seen some bum shaped ones going around! if that's your sort of thing).
Still not sure what to buy, have a scroll through Pinterest for inspiration, or treat yourself to a candle of each type and see what works best for you.
You can buy odorless candles, and use them just for the ambiance (i mainly do this with pillar candles) but for the majority, the fragrance is the fun part!
I offer 4 different collections with L.C, below I will break them down so you can decide with collection of fragrances is best for you.
Collection: Floral
A selection of beautiful floral fragrances, from that Country Garden scent, to a sweet Peony Blush. Think Spring and summer, surrounded by gorgeous florals, but transcend any season. The Floral collection is perfect for those who love, you guessed it, those floral fragrances. Ranging from sweet to dust, light to musky. 
For those who love that sweet romance and cottage core aesthetic.
Collection: Tranquil
For those that like those little moments of tranquility, you can enjoy the sweet throw of The Snug while getting cosy, The calming Lavender of Lavender Luck or that soft, loving fragrance of Love, there is something for everyone because not one tranquil go to is the same to someone else. 
Want that spa days tranquil feeling - Self care...  the perfect relaxing fragrance. 
For those that love quite moments, slow days and mindful living.
Collection: Noir
This collection is for those that like those deeper, richer fragrances. 
Sitting more on the heavy side, this collection is perfect for those rainy moody days, evening dinner parties or if you reading into the night about a queen taking back her thrown (how are these books so addictive?!).
Noir is perfect for escapism.
Collection: Earthy
If your into earthy, woody, masculine fragrances that sit lighter on the nose then this collection is for you. From walking through a woodland, to sitting and enjoying a crisps day with a waterfall in sight, this collection offers that sense of adventure and freedom.