Setting Your Week Up For Success

Setting Your Week Up For Success

Good morning lovelies! (if it is morning for you, otherwise good afternoon, good evening).Today I am going to talk about how I set myself up for success for the week ahead.

It's recently Monday morning, 10 am to be exact and I have ticked off all my little to do's for the day already, and now have the opportunity to sit down and type up this blog post (something I have not done in a long time). The reason I have already achieved so much, which, in return, has affected my mood and outlook for the day and week in a positive way, is setting time aside for myself, setting intentions and planning! 

I recently switched over to digital planning (this has been a game changer for me)- you can find the digital planner I use here.

So, my Monday morning routine for setting my week up for success is to set aside 10-30 minutes to sit down, get comfy, grab a bottle of water and light a candle. (Sometimes I do this on a Sunday evening).

During this time I highlight out the sections of my week that are allocated to my full time job. I then slot in time for me to work on Lunamosity Candles. Once I have that done I then write up my intentions and goals for the week ahead. 

When I write up my intentions, I write them like I have already achieved them( i.e this week I managed to save X amount of money, etc), which in itself automatically lifts my mood and provides me with a positive outlook on the week. I then add in my habits for me to achieve my goals, blocking out time in my weekly overview. 

Once I have my week scheduled, I like to review it, making sure that I am giving myself time and on the other hand spending enough time on my habits. I really like to spend this time reflecting and enjoying the quiet, it’s time for myself, my thoughts and ideas. I reflect on the previous week,I find it best to really monitor my measures to provide me a whole picture of what worked? What didn’t work? How can I make today and this week better? How can I achieve my goals? 

A breakdown of how I set myself up for a successful week (and this is successful to myself, no one else controls that outlook)

  • Set time aside to plan and set intentions
  • Create a relaxing environment, light a candle, have water to hand.
  • Have a planner or notebook to write in
  • Block out your main tasks for the week (i.e work)
  • Set your intentions for the day/week (like you have already achieved them) and write out your goal/s.
  • Block out time in your weekly overview for your habits that in return will help you achieve your goals. 
  • Reflect on the previous week, monitor your measures. 

Once you have a good overview, have set those intentions, you should feel ready to go out there and slay the day! 

Let me know how you set yourself up for success for the week ahead.


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